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Moving or wanting to switch energy providers?

With nationwide coverage, it’s easy to get your electricity sorted with Genesis. No matter where you’re moving to or who you’re switching from, we’ll help you create a plan to suit you and your lifestyle.

  • Looking for price certainty? Lock in your rates on a 12-month Energy Plus or Energy Basic plan.
  • Renting, or unsure what the next 12 months will bring? Go flexible on our Energy Plus plan, with no fees if you move or cancel.

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Forecast, monitor and compare your energy use with the Energy IQ app.

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If you're joining us for the first time or moving house, get your electricity sorted online.


Where can I find power, gas and bottled gas prices?

You can find out more about pricing on our prices page

Where do I find my account balance and how do I understand my power bill?

Click here for better understanding of your bill or you can register or log in to use Energy IQ to locate your account balance where you can also: Manage bills and payments, add properties or fuels (electricity, natural or bottled gas), or organise moving house in a minute.

I forgot my Energy IQ username and password – how do I reset my password?

Please go to Energy IQ and have your customer number on hand to reset your user name or password. Feel free to find out more about Energy IQ – please click here.

You can also view Ways To Pay Your Power Bill for information on how to pay your bill.

I've heard about the Energy IQ App - how can I find out more?

Click here for more information on our App.

You can also view Ways To Pay Your Power Bill for information on how to pay your bill.